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M&M Quadrille Queens
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M&M's meet Wednesday at 7 pm
Instructor: Philipa
Cost: $15
New members are always welcome
We begin by each session focusing on the individual, making sure that the horse is supple and relaxed, then that the rider's seat and position are correct and they have an effective use of the aids.  Secondly we come together as a group and work on creating harmony within the group, we review the last session and hit on any problems that any individual or the group is having with any of the movements.  Finally we introduce and work on new movements.  

The group is comprised of all levels of riders 
and different breeds of horses.  We compete at
 local dressage shows and perform displays at 
local events. Once a month, after practice, 
we have a meeting fondly known as the "wine 
and cheese night". We discuss upcoming events, 
issues with horses, celebrate the birthdays 
of that month  and catch up with our friends. 

The group has taken their team spirit out of 
the arena and go off camping at various equine
facilities in Florida. 
M&M Quadrille Teams Competing the USEF Basic, 
Training and 1st Level Quadrille Test 
at local dressage shows with scores of 65% - 75%.
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Both Capt. Barry and Philipa have years
of experience instructing and choreographing 
Par de Deux's, Quadrilles and Drill Teams

 Joining a drill team for competition or pleasure can add new dimension to your  riding. Working through the intricate drill movements riders have to sit up,  look for their line of travel and regulate their tempo to keep the spacing,  alignment and synchrony throughout the team.  Your horse will learn to pass  other horses and to be passed without protest, to go at the speed their riders  choose regardless of what the horses around them are doing, and to leave the  group promptly on command. 
Walking trough the Training Quadrille Test 
at CFD's Hawaiian Fun Show.
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