Training .......................... $800 per month  
                                                                                                                                                                         (Board $450 plus training $350)           
     Includes all Boarding Services Plus: 
     Horse is trained six days a week and turned out on the seventh
     Daily grooming 
     Scheduled times for you to see the training session
     2 Lessons per week on your horse are included ($20 per week additional lessons)
     Visit your horse anytime during business hours (call ahead if you are visiting after hours)
     Includes competitive riding (does not include trailering fees)
     Emailed updates and pictures of your horses progress
     Discount on training fees after first 30 days  

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 Ground work 

*Long reining 
* Loose Jumping

             Starting a Green Horse   

        * Lounging & Long Reining
        * Intro to Saddle/Bridle
        * Intro to Rider  * Walk, Trot, Canter
        * Basic Movements & Trail Riding
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Continuing Education

* Brining your back into work
* Raising your horses performance
 level benefits all riders no matter your discipline
* Exercise riding to keep your horse 
fit with your busy schedule
* Competitive Riding

 With over 70 years of combined experience sending your horse to McKie Equine    Center is the right choice. Horses are worked six days a week, once or twice
  per day depending on their need.  We train all breed for most any equine
  disciplines from the competitive arena to the trail rider.  MEC is one of the
  few Equine facilities that covers all facets of training from starting your
  horse undersaddle, problem solving, bringing a horse back into work, to
  furthering their education and competitive riding with a focus on dressage 
 and jumping.